Good content is good business

Otrum can help you offer the best TV viewing experiences to your guests. Together, we can tailor your channel selection to accomodate your guest demographics and profiling in the best way possible. We’ll keep an eye on what channels your guests are actually watching through our viewing levels statistics and adapt your offering over time to optimise the return on your investment.

Otrum provides the most popular and well-known TV channels, together with a number of special interest channels, to give your guests the widest choice in Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) TV viewing.

Your guests have vast amounts of TV channels at home, and expect a good selection when travelling. Whilst providing your guests with TV channels from home is very endearing, you can now take this one step further and sort the TV channel list so that the guest’s local channels are available first in the menu. With Otrum’s innovative products this is possible.

A smart Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) enables your guest to access more details on the TV channel, the current programme and the next programme. A full guide overview allows the guest to plan out their evening’s viewing, and if you succeed in keeping them glued to their TV there is a good chance of upselling room service too.

The fine print
The provision of content for public viewing is an extremely complex area, but we can take the stress away. Otrum has a team of content specialists who are specifically trained to ensure that every element of the process is 100% legal and that full licensing agreements are in place, as well as ensuring that all TV channel provision complies with local and international laws.