The best video on demand movies for hotels

More than 80.000 hotel rooms in over 38 countries are today showing hotel movies provided by Otrum. Despite the popularity of movie streaming services, hotel bandwidth constraints and the early availability of new blockbuster titles, makes Otrum’s hotel Video on Demand solution an attractive value-added service. We offer both scheduled Pay TV and several Video on Demand packages to accommodate any hotel’s budget, as well as flexible business models designed to maximise return on investment.

With up to 48 new feature movie titles, in up to 13 languages per country each year, we provide movies within all genres from the major Hollywood studios. Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, Twentieth Century Fox, MGM and Walt Disney Studios to name a few, as well as  high quality adult entertainment from Playboy and Cinema.

International movie studio rights for hospitality
Otrum works together with Filmbank, which is Europe’s leading non-theatrical distributor of movies. We do not only supply movies from Western studios, but also from Bollywood and Asia. There is an increasing number of Chinese and other travellers from Asia, which Otrum can help you accommodate by tailoring your entertainment offering