Get connected

Guest Internet is a scalable High-Speed Internet Access solution that can be tailored to any hotel and guest demographic. Otrum works with market leading technology brands and global service providers to deliver a robust and reliable Internet service over both WiFI and Ethernet.

With Guest Internet by Otrum, you can automatically control bandwidth usage to ensure that all of your guests may enjoy their fair share of the hotel network. You can also charge for different quality of service(QoS) levels, based on factors lsuch as access speed, bandwidth usage and service duration. This allows you to provide a free, limited Internet service, while offering upgrade options for guests who are willing to pay for a superior browsing experience.

For conference groups, delegates and VIPs, a voucher printer can be used to create login codes with pre-defined service configurations. Options include billing, fixed bandwidth, access duration and scheduling, for individuals or groups.

Once connected, guests are free to roam the hotel WiFi, without needing to re-enter their credentials. They can safely connect as many of their mobile devices as the hotel allows. When their session expires, guests are directed back to the Login Page to start another free session, or upgrade their connection. Otrum even provides an optional 24/7 Freephone number to help guests get online.