Add that personal Touch

Enterprise Touch is the most deeply integrated tablet client available, giving all guests access to everything in enterprise from their own devices. When one of your guests connects his smart tablet to the hotel’s Wi-fi, Enterprise Touch springs to life at his fingertips. There’s no need to download any app or worry about device compatibility, because it’s all running in HTML5 as an advanced webpage. The guest simply enters a code displayed on the TV and can enjoy all the great features on his own tablet.

With Enterprise Touch, you get a complete overview of TV channels available at the hotel and can quickly select what you want to watch. If you’d rather enjoy a great movie, you can browse the hotel’s catalogue, rent one and pause it, fast forward or rewind directly on the tablet. Should you be in the mood for some fun on YouTube, simply search and push the video straight onto the big screen of your Enterprise Smart TV. With TvShare by Otrum, you can even share your photos on the screen to relive the highlights of your stay.

Virtually Concierge
Delight your guests with city and hotel guides, conveniently composed by your expert concierge in Otrum’s CMS web app. You can just as easily present your room service menu with beautiful images or show-off your drinks and wine list from the bar. Local and global weather forecasts, live flight information and the latest news from around the world are also available. Guests can bring all of this with them on their own device until they check out.