The Smart choice

Enterprise Smart is a set-top box free version of Otrum Enterprise that runs on Smart TVs. Our commitment to the HTML5 standard allows it to provide ALL the benefits and features of the original platform, including interaction with smartphones and tablets.

Through Enterprise Touch for smart tablets, guests can push HD content from YouTube to enjoy it in all its glory on their Enterprise Smart TV. Another great benefit is the addition of Arabic support to complement the standard sixteen languages.

The TV installation in the guest room is more elegant than ever, with a single power-cord and Ethernet cable connected to the LED display. With no STB to consider, you can mount the TV closer to the wall and have the freedom of choice to place it exactly where you want.

Life´s Good with Enterprise Smart
Enterprise Smart runs beautifully in 1080p HD resolution on the LT760H & LP860H LED displays by LG, with pixel perfect visualisation of Otrums “Live UI.” Your in-room billboard, virtual concierge and entertainment centre never looked better or felt more amazing.

These LED TVs are designed for hotels, with eco friendly Smart Energy Saving, Anti-theft system, front LED clock, crystal clear sound and Pro:Idiom. VOD movies and TV channels are broadcast with Pro:Idiom encryption to the guest rooms and all the required licenses are included with the TVs. The head-end only consists of two small units of 19″ rack space, one of the slimmest in the industry.