Hotel Digital Signage

To communicate important information to guests, to help them navigate through the hotel, and to bolster lobby and concierge services, hotel digital signage is being implemented in more and more hotels each year. Best of all, each of these benefits can be realized from a single hotel signage solution. Plus, dynamic integration with your back-end systems provides you with an easy-to-use digital communication tool to control the visual displays throughout your entire property.

Content is everything. Ensuring that digital signage content is fresh and relevant, is the biggest challenge in a busy hotel environment. That’s why we put so much effort and emphasis on the usability and quality of the content management system we offer. We think the creative experience should be hassle-free and fun, fast and easy, so you can get things done.

Smart location of these signs is critical for overall success. Typically, some of the best areas for hotel digital signs are restaurants, gift shops, and transportation services where the versatility of digital sign boards can be best utilized. Digital displays and content are also great in lobbies, elevator banks, conference areas, and, of course, guest room TV channels.